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Dutch Cruiser Boats Holiday Route Map

Holland Boating Map

Suggested Cruises from our cruiser bases in Holland

There are many different routes using the many canals in Holland. The time taken can therefore vary depending on the particular option chosen.

Suggested itineraries:

One Week Return Cruising

Woudsend - Workum - Leeuwarden round trip
• 80 - 200km • 0 locks • 10 - 25hrs round trip cruising time

Vinkeveen - Amsterdam - Utrecht round trip
• 80 - 200km • 0 locks • 10 - 25hrs round trip cruising time

Vinkeveen - Amsterdam - Edam - Alkmaar round trip
• 96km • 5 locks • 28hrs round trip cruising time

Short Break Cruising

3, 4 or 5 days. You can do a return-to-base short break from either of the bases in this region.

Vinkeveen - Amsterdam - Vinkeveen round trip
• 50km • 7 locks • 10hrs short break round trip cruising time

Woudsend - Sneek - Woudsend round trip
• 80km • 4 locks • 9hrs short break round trip cruising time

One Way Cruising

Choose to cruise in either direction.....

Woudsend - Vinkeveen one way
• 150km • 4 locks • 36hrs one way cruising time

Woudsend - Loosdrecht - Amsterdam - Vinkeveen one way
• 160 - 200km • 4-6 locks • 30-35hrs one way cruising time

Other cruises in Friesland

The Big Lakes Route: 20hr round trip cruising time
Romantic Route: 21 hr round trip cruising time
The Road of Adventure: 22hr round trip cruising time
Via the Heergemeer: 10hr round trip cruising time

Please note that hours suggested above are approximate

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